Registration for participants at Astana Hub International Technopark of IT startups



What does Astana Hub participant status mean?
Astana Hub residents have a number of significant advantages promoting creation and development of their project.

Tax benefits: CIT-0%, IIT-0%, VAT-0%, social tax for non-residents-0%.

The opportunity to get a simplified visa and labor regime for Technopark foreign participants and companies where non-residents work.

We provide knowledge and useful contacts to attract investment on favorable terms

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List of priority activities
Registration for participants
Regulations on Selection Board
List of documents to register participants
Who is Astana Hub participant?
Astana Hub participant is a legal entity - resident or non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, generating income upon carrying out priority type of activities and registered as Astana Hub participant, having received a corresponding certificate, having the right to use the services of Astana Hub, the right to receive tax benefits, a simplified visa regime and other benefits provided by the legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan.
    What eligibility criteria need to be satisfied?
    Legal entity:
    - that does not implement (have not implemented) investment priority (strategic) project;
    - holders of 50% or more shares or participation interest of which are not government, quasi-governmental organizations and their subsidiaries;
    - that is not subsoil user and participant of free economic zones;
    - that is not a payer of excisable goods (tobacco, alcohol, etc.);
    - that carries out priority activity in sphere of information and communication technology;
    - that does not have branches at the moment of registration.

    How to define whether company's activity is regarded as priority type of activity?
    List of priority type of activities is approved by the Order of Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 11, 2019 No. 37/НҚ
    Can foreign company register as Astana Hub participant?
    Can company with a location outside of Nur-Sultan city be Astana Hub participant?
    Yes. Registration is made on the principle of extraterritoriality which is valid till January 1,2024.
    Which documents should be applied?
    List of documents is available here.
    Could submitted documents be in English language?
    Yes. Application and attached documents could be in Kazakh or in Russian or in English language. In case if documents are submitted in English language, Astana Hub ensures its translation to Kazakh or Russian language.
    Is there template for business plan to be submitted?
    No. Business plan of the project related to priority activities in the field of information and communication technology could be drafted in any format (ppt, doc, pdf, etc.). Nevertheless, it should contain the following information:

    - project description (including technical specification (architecture, structure) corresponding with the priority type of activities);

    - description of the expected results upon implementation of the project;

    - specific measures to be taken to achieve such results, and cost estimate;

    - types and volume of goods (scope of works, services, property rights) planned for sale, and estimated income;

    - justification of the necessity for their implementation.

    Is there template to fill-in information on non-residents and residents expected to be engaged for implementation of the project?
    Yes, there is a form, available at registration stage 2.
    Is it necessary to submit certificate on absence of tax debt in case if company has been incorporated recently?
    How to apply for registration as Astana Hub participant?
    It is necessary to create personal account here and apply online.
    What is the process of registration of Astana Hub participant?
    1. Apply online and attach all necessary documents at
    2. Preliminary review of application
    3. Review of application by the commission
    4. Notification on decision of the commission upon review
    5. Conclusion of agreement with Astana Hub in case if positive decision
    6. Issuance of certificate confirming registration as Astana Hub participant
    7. Inclusion to the list of registered Astana Hub participants.

    What is the registration fee?
    There is no fee. Registration is free.
    Is it required to submit registration documents to the office once online application is complete?
    No. There is no need to submit documents to the office since registration is online at:
    How to check status of the application?
    All notifications regarding application are sent via Astana Hub website to applicant's personal account. The applicant is required to sign in to account to check application status.
    How long will it take to process the application?
    The application may be reviewed up to 15 business days:
    Ø Up to 5 business days once the application is submitted – preliminary review of the application by Astana Hub registration office in terms of completeness of the application;
    Ø Up to 10 business days once the application is sent by Astana Hub registration office – review of the application by the commission with issuance of final decision.

    It is possible to sign agreement with Astana Hub electronically?
    Yes. The agreement could be sign if the applicant has Electronic Digital Signature obtained in the prescribed order via

    What date is considered as date when the company obtained "Astana Hub participant" status?
    The company becomes Astana Hub participant from the date specified in the certificate issued by Astana Hub.
    Will tax preferences be provided by default once the certificate is issued?
    No. Once certificate of registration as Astana Hub participant is issued, the latter should notify the territorial tax authority on registration as Astana Hub participant attaching copy of the certificate.
    What tax benefit are granted for Astana Hub participant?
    - Corporate income tax (CIT);
    - VAT charged for revenues derived from the sale of goods, works, services within Kazakhstan and to the import of goods into Kazakhstan, reverse-charge VAT;
    - Individual income tax (IIT);
    - Withholding tax, royalty tax;
    - Taxation of non-residents in terms of dividends received from Astana Hub participant and an capital gains is carried out at a rate of 5% (except for individual);
    - Social tax for non-resident employees.

    For how long are the tax preferences valid?
    Tax benefits are valid until January 1, 2029, except for royalty tax, which is valid until 1 January 2024.
    Does participation in Astana Hub programs (acceleration program, incubator program, etc.) entitle the company to tax benefits by default?
    No. It is a separate procedure that requires registration as a result of which a corresponding certificate will be issued and an agreement with Astana Hub will be concluded, which regulates the conditions of Astana Hub participants.
    Is it required to obtain permission to attract foreign employees?
    No. This requirement does not apply to Astana Hub participants.
    How long does work visa last?
    Work visa is granted for up to 5 years.
    What are the eligibility requirements for foreign employees?
    Higher education is required.