TrandyGo: Handmade as a source of income

The popularity of author’s products lies in their originality and uniqueness of style. For some people, handmade is a way of self-expression, a desire to stand out from the crowd with bright attributes. Handmade products are also in demand as gifts for friends and family, because unique things can express your love to relatives.
Now in Kazakhstan, the demand for designer accessories is growing every year, and with the development of online platforms, handmade products have all the growth trends. We talked with Founder TrandyGO, handmade marketplace, Daniyar Kashebayev, about how he got the idea to create a platform for author's products. Trandygo startup is a member of the 9th Astana Hub acceleration round.
Tell us about your project. How did you come up with the idea to launch a handmade startup? How does your service work?
TrandyGo is an online marketplace for handmade products. Our goal is to unite all creative people on one platform.
The idea of creating a startup came after I decided to order a suit. When I came to the studio, I saw sports suits and sweatshirts on the mannequins. The clothes looked very original, I had not seen this before. I asked the owners where they work and where I can buy their products. I was surprised that products are sold through social networks and OLX, having no other sites for handmade products. After that, the idea to create a platform for handmasters was born.
We have already developed the website and launched it recently. Each manufacturer can register, get a personal account and show individual products. We tried to make the interface as convenient as possible for both manufacturers and customers. The website publication is free with unlimited number of products. We only charge a commission of 10% on the product sale. A mobile app will also be introduced later.
Now the website mostly shows jewelry, we add other categories step by step, such as children’s toys, clothing, wallets, and handmade jewelry boxes.

How many visitors do you have per month?
The website was launched in August, with more than 500 monthly visits. More than 150 items from 15 manufacturers were shown. Card payment was set up recently, so sales have just started. For the first two weeks of full work, we received revenue in the amount of 100 thousand tenge!

Tell us about your team
The team consists of 5 men. Everyone has their own project activity.

How does your product differ from competitive one?
Today, our direct competitors are Etsy, which also provide a platform for craftsmen of handmade products. They are located in the USA and are aimed at the domestic market. And we focus on the CIS and European countries.

What are your plans for the future?
The project is primarily aimed at handmasters from Kazakhstan and the CIS, but in the future we will expand the project on a global level.

Why did you decide to participate in Astana Hub acceleration program?
We hope that Astana Hub acceleration program will help us fully implement the project using new knowledge and skills. In addition, we believe in the opportunity to find like-minded people who are interested in our idea and want to join our team.